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Arcade Machines We custom build machines of all sizes, from old school uprights to the new style Ultimate SHAR-KADE Cabinet. Many machine designs, also Multi Game JAMMA Builds or Hyperspin Frontend run. Upgrades from 645games to a wopping 15,000+, from snes, game gear, gameboy, mega drive, PS1, N64, Next Gen PC Titles and much much more.
Ultimate SHAR-KADE Cabinet
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Standup, Upright, Multigame 960 960 stand-up is a suberb arcade games machine which plays and feels like the original machines
TOP classic arcade games...
From the munching madness of Pac-Man, to the traffic avoidance of Frogger or the barrel-busting antics of Donkey Kong, all of your favourite arcade classics are now right back at your fingertips.
Donkey Kong
Space Invaders
brand new high quality British-made arcade cabinet ,If you're looking for reliablity at an affordable price then look no further...
960 in 1 Upright are highly reliable and we fully support this with a full 1 year warranty and unlimited telephone support to provide you with total peace of mind. does include free delivery within the UK.
No hassle, straight out--the-box playability...
Just plug into your power source, wait for load up and you're almost ready to go. Once loaded, you have your choice of 960 BADASS TITLES
Full 2-player gaming with options to upgrade to illuminated buttons...
The Best 2-player gaming experience , They have authentic arcade joysticks and buttons in your colour of choice whether it be black, white, red or blue. There is also an option to upgrade to some very cool illuminated buttons in many colours
Toughened glass
high quality, precision-cut toughened glass as standard. This gives you full protection with an authentic feel and look to take you back to those hours spent down the arcade.
With a coin door upgrade, you can have full pay-to-play
Thinking of buying your cabinet to make some extra cash for your business or simply want to charge your mates to have a go?
All the Bespoke Arcades products come with a full 12 month warranty, with the first 3 months on site in the unlikely event that a problem develops. Thanks to this, you can rest assured that you will be enjoying your new arcade machine for many years to come.
Every Game Time machine is backed by a 12 month back-to-base warranty with parts and labour included. All games are included as free with this system. Any coin mechanism provided is to be used at the customer's discretion.
Delivery is usually within 28days from order. due to order to order basisThese machines are currently on promo. With pallet delivery, we advise to have at least 2 able-bodied people to unpack and position cabinet at your location when receiving delivery. Overseas delivery is available for an additional charge.
Buy Custom Arcade Machines and more, From anywhere in the uk. Greater London, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Merseyside, Tyne & Wear, Sheffield, Bristol, Newcastle, Glasgow, Nottingham, Belfast, Leicester.
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The Ultimate SHAR-KADE Cabinet These Machines are The Ultimate Gaming Machine. Comes with 12” centre sub, 2x 8” front speekers with amazing sound for mono and stereo output. With I7 Core Processor, 16gb Ram and huge 5Tb hdd and the infamous GTX Titan graphics card, you can say this machine is beyound any conventinal Arcade Machine. Fully Custom to your needs with a design that makes gameplay nothing like it used to be with old stand up machines. This package will get you over a wopping 60,000+ games Including Ultra Street Fighter IV ,Tekken 7 and Mortal Kombat X - Great games for using the mounted X- Arcade Sticks. LED Buttons LED UnderGlow and BackGlow 32” Ultra HD Screen High Quality Printed Vinyl Graphics (over £350 worth) free 2 Player X-Arcade TankSticks With Mouse Ball Custom Player 1 - 2 Perspex Display with Colour Choice £3500        
Standard 645 games in 1 Upright These Machines Come with 28” widescreen Monitor with only high-end components to give you a quality feel to gaming. 2-player control panel has been purposefully set to be at the most comfortable angle and position for Hardcore arcade gamers. a wide range of Custom Graphics, choose from 3 stardard T-moldings or or upgrade to chrome or leather texture. 960 games in 1 LED Buttons LED UnderGlow and BackGlow 28” widescreen Monitor High Quality Printed Vinyl Graphics (over £350 worth) 2 Player Fast Responce Controll SYSTEM Custom Player 1 - 2 Perspex Display with Colour Choice Coin Mech (50p,20p,10p) Optinal £1200